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Oct 2016

Sep 2016


Tue 06 Full-Text Search in Rails Using Elasticsearch

RubyGems elasticsearch-model elasticsearch-rails searchkick

In this article I'm going to show you how to implement full-text search using Ruby on Rails and Elasticsearch.
Everyone is used nowadays to entering a search term and getting suggestions as well as results with the search term highlighted.

If you misspell what you are trying to search, having auto-correct is also a nice feature, as we can see on websites such as Google or Facebook.

require 'elasticsearch/model'

class Article < ActiveRecord::Base
  # injects the Search method that we were using in our previous controller among others
  include Elasticsearch::Model

  # integrates with ActiveRecord callbacks to index each instance of an article that we save to the database,
  # and it also updates the index if we modify or delete the article from the database
  include Elasticsearch::Model::Callbacks

Aug 2016


Thu 18 Building a Customer Service Chat App with Rails 5 Action Cable and SMS

RubyGems dotenv-rails nexmo Rails5 5.0 Features ActionCable

Jul 2016


Mon 11 How to Test Rails Models with Minitest - Semaphore

RubyGems minitest Rails5 5.0

Mon 11 Quickly Process API Requests with Shoryuken and SQS

RubyGems aws-sdk shoryuken AWS SQS

Jun 2016


Sat 18 Creating Rails 5 API only application following JSON:API specification « Simplify d.o.o.

RubyGems active_model_serializers minitest rack-cors Rails5 5.0 Features API-only

Mon 06 Step by Step Guide to Feature Driven Development

RubyGems capybara factory_girl_rails rspec-rails simple_bdd Rails4 4.2

May 2016


Sat 28 Rails Deployment Tutorial

WebServer nginx RubyGems mina RailsServer unicorn Rails4 4.2 Hosting DigitalOcean

Wed 18 Rails: RSpec and Capybara by Example – Codepany Blog

RubyGems capybara rspec-rails

Fri 13 Sending Web Push Notifications from Rails - rossta.net

RubyGems serviceworker-rails webpush

Mon 02 Understanding Feature Driven Development

Rails4 4.2 RubyGems rspec-rails capybara simple_bdd factory_girl_rails

Apr 2016

Jsonapi resources

Tue 19 Build a JSON API with Rails and JSONAPI Resources - TutorialsForDevs

RubyGems jsonapi-resources Rails4 4.2

Mar 2016

Vue js

Wed 09 Vue.js and Rails | Dreaming of Code

Front-end framework Vue.js

Feb 2016


Thu 04 Action Cable and WebSockets: An in-Depth Tutorial

Features ActionCable Rails5 5.0

Mar 2015

Jun 2014


Fri 20 Australian Ruby on Rails developers blog: Variants With Ruby on Rails

RubyGems browser Features Action Pack Variants

Sun 01 Action Pack Variants in Rails 4.1 - RichOnRails.com

Features Action Pack Variants